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Elevate Your Productivity with These Game-Changing Strategies

Productivity, Productivity, Productivity, Productivity! It's the name of the game in this hyper-output-centric society we've been programmed into, so we've compiled a few game-changing productivity and mindset hacks to help you get off the sidelines and into the action.

#1 The WorkFlow. Your task trajectory should be as close to linear as possible. Yes, TaSk tRaJeCtOry (cue that one Spongebob meme). This means that the most effective way to tackle your to-do's is to create a flow of tasks that lead seamlessly into each other, creating a snowball effect of small wins. It creates a wOrK FlOw, , basically, this just means to schedule your tasks in a way where tasks precede or succeed each other. Like this blog post, for example, it's the first task of the day because the succeeding tasks are to create TikTok or Instagram posts from the content I include. I may break up each bullet point into a video or expound on each point with a separate post, I may create content based on the results or testimonials I've collected from the success of implementing the pointers I provide. You hear psychologists and productivity experts talk about how to tap into your flow state and what they continuously harp on to unlocking It is understanding what you're going to do and when you're going to do It, blocking out all distractions, and having the energy to do those tasks through proper nourishment. "The workflow" is a culmination of these things, and as you continue reading this blog you will see how these hacks are all co-dependent.

#2 Schedule Everything. This is possibly the most important productivity hack and efficiency tactic that exists in all of the land (and the internet). I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". A prominent YouTube star who goes by the name of Mr Beast, you may have heard of him, has risen to stardom through engaging and consistent content and in a recent interview contributes much of it to his team's planning. This guy has thousands of videos and billions of views on those videos and is consistently always pumping out new videos and new content...he schedules his content the entire YEAR ahead of time. It goes to show that the more specific you get with your planning and what exactly it is that needs to get done, the easier it becomes to execute. Mastering your craft means creating the most disciplined approach possible, and that means not having to think about what you have to do next because it's already been planned.

#3 TIME vs ENERGY. This is an approach that when I began implementing it, really tested the inherent programming of our society's social construct of time and helped push my body to its productivity peak. This approach shifts your productivity mindset from adhering to timed deadlines to listening and understanding your body's energy clock. It's quite simple, no matter how much time you give yourself to finish a task or a day's list of tasks, if you don't have the physical or mental energy to see it completed within that time frame, you're just never going to stay on schedule. That means that if you properly fuel your body with the necessary nutrients, physical rest, and mental rest, it becomes less about how much time you have to complete a task and more about how much energy you have to complete that task and how much energy will you have leftover to keep going to the next task. Staying hydrated, being properly nourished, and being well-rested disrupts all timelines, It allows you to stay focused for longer so that you can do more. Inevitably you will begin to look at your days and be in disbelief of what you've gotten done, and time just begins to fade into day or night.

#4 Automate. Everything that you do should be systematized. Everything. There should be a system to all of the intricacies of your operation, your goal in business should shift from operating to automating. Create systems that can be duplicated by following a formula or a list of steps, like operating a McDonald's- everything has already been written. Please note that automation in our day has taken leaps and bounds compared to previous eras so make sure you understand your business from the ground up before you invest time and money in automation technologies because there are powerful tools at your fingertips that can optimize your business. I'm keeping it general because automation for every business and industry looks different, from back-end to front-end search to find the right tools that best match your business model. A.I. has truly changed the landscape of automation but we'll go in depth on A.I. automation in another post. And if all this sounds like baby gibberish to you, maybe you should check out some automation courses for beginners.

#5 Delegate. If you can't automate, delegate. Efficiency is the name of the game, and output is the leading statistic. To stay efficient and continue to produce at a high rate without jeopardizing the quality of your work, outsourcing has to be a viable option. A carefully vetted team to do the menial tasks that take your time away from producing for your bottom line can make all the difference when you're someone who wears many hats in the business. Always keep in mind that the return must be worth it, if hiring a virtual assistant can give you back a few hours a day to get on the phone with a couple more clients, that is exactly the step you should be taking. Upwork and Fiverr are great sites to browse if you're looking to start outsourcing.

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