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Products: Fast Capital for Big or Urgent Purchases

  • Merchant Cash Advance- For Working Capital 

  • Flex Pay Loan- For Storefront Business Owners  

  • Investment Loans- For Commercial Projects


How Much Money Can I Receive? 

  • 10k-20M 


What are the Qualifications?

  • MCA: Business Account with min. 15k monthly revenue and min. 500 credit score  

  • Flex Pay Loan (Storefront Biz Only)Business Account with min. 20k monthly revenue and min. 600 credit score

  • Investment Loan- Business Account with min. 20k monthly revenue with min. 650 Credit Score


What Rates and Terms Can I Expect?

  • MCA: Same Day approval, Cash Access in 24 hrs

    • Terms- 3-36 months​

    • Rates- 15-45% factor rate (contingent on business strength)​​

  • Flex Pay Loans- Interest only for 12 months, Option to defer 50% of principle or refinance, Optional credit line available

  • Investment Loans- Interest only for up to 24 months, Rates vary contingent on project (6.49-9.99%)

What Do I Need To Apply?

  • RBG Pre Qualification Form

  • 3 Months Business Bank Statements 

  • Copy of Drivers License

  • Voided Check

  • Invoice of Commercial Project (Only For Investment Loans)


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Short Term Loans

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