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Products: Capital for Startups and Entrepreneurs

  • Startup Line of Credit (SLOC)For Beginners

  • Term Loan- For New Businesses Looking To Grow  


How Much Money Can I Receive? 

  • Startup Line of Credit provides credit lines of up to 150k

  • Multiple rounds of borrowing available in 30-60 day increments (up to 1M)


What are the Qualifications?

  • Beginner Program SLOC: Above 700 Credit Score with Good History 

  • Existing Business Term Loan: Above 700 Credit Score and Proof of Net Income Above 50k


What Rates and Terms Can I Expect?

  • SLOC

    • ​24 hr approval, 5-7 days for funds to transfer

    • 0% Interest Rate, 1-3% draw rate

    • Funds Transferred to Credit Account for Withdrawal​​

  • Term Loan: 

    • Term​- 5-7 years

    • Rate- 4-15% Based on Credit History

    • Payment- 1-2% of balance

What Do I Need To Apply?


Accountant at Work

Startup Loans

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